Friday, 3 July 2015

The Wedding !!

This is a gift I did for my friends wedding last month, a wedding we thought would never happen!. He lives and breaths Stoke City FC and Dr Who, I had to stop myself from going overboard and putting all the monsters from Dr Who on along with Star Wars and Star Trek . It was had tho, might do it just for fun at a later time :D


Strongman Eddy Hall

Joachim Low

The German Football Manager Jochim Low


Cara Deelevingne, a model


My friend Caz

More Pictures !

Seasick Steve
Taylor Momsen. Lead singer of The Pretty Reckless
Talor Swift, I think she kinda sings a bit !
The cute one in NCIS, Emily Wickersman

Stoke Con Trent 2015

Two of the guests at this years Stoke Con Trent, Hannah spearitt , from Primeevil and Mark 'the Beast' Labbett from The Chase, and heres me handing over the pictures to them, and yes Mark is THAT big! Great guy tho!

Gordon Brown MP

Gordon Brown The ex British prime minister

Im back again, Miss me ?

Cant believe that a whole year has almost passed since I last posted on here, time flies. Lots have been happening in this passed year, some good some not so good. But its not been boring. I haven't stopped drawing, tho I haven't been doing as much as Id really like, life tended to get in the way a lot!.Ive been thru a lot of personal changes in my life, the most dramatic one, which happened nearly two years ago, was I finally dealt with my addiction with alcohol, and these past few years have been hard, but so far Ive kept clean and dry. Ive been lucky with having a great support network and a great family who have been there for me . Since I stopped drinking Ive spent some time helping others to kick the drink. Since January I started a group up for the local area, to offer a secure place for ex addicts to meet and form new friends , but it did not work out, so at the moment Ive put things on hold so that I can re-group and recharge. So for a while I hope to get back into drawing and painting . Im even contemplating doing some out door water colours, if the English weather lets me! So I hope that you will pop in every now and then to see what Ive been up to . Here are some pitures that Ive been doing since last year ( not a lot!) they are in no particular order so please enjoy :D