Monday, 14 June 2010

Wedding Anniversery

Well who would have beleived it, well first to be married and then to be married this long, though it seams that we have been married for ever, in a good way, but it seems only yesterday when we got married. My poor long suffering wife, Jane is still looking as beautiful as the day we got married and the first day my eyes fell into her beautiful smile and eyes full of fun and mischeif. Thanks sweetheart for putting up with me this long

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Deck Emery

Here are two versions of a picture that Ive just finished of a mate who is in a band called the Rat Rods, who play locally, we are discussing the possibility of me drawing the whole band, so keep popping in to see the results.
Any way the second one was how it was meant to turn out, while the first one came about by a mistake while I was merging layers ( there was a goal and I merged the layers in the wrong order.....). Well it is the World cup and its the only time I ever watch Football! Anyways I kind of like the effect so much that Ive decided to post along side the original.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Deck Emery, lead singer of the RatRods

Its been a while, but here is a sketch for a friend who is the lead singer in a local band called the Rat Rods. He wants me to draw his whole band for promotion posters ect.,
I drew Malay to get his features right, though I may play around a wee bit more and push his features to the far extreme and see what pops up, and have some fun to boot!
I will finish off this one and post it once Ive got time, and Ive decided how to paint it !