Tuesday, 17 July 2012

UK Artist Paul Oz

My first picture done on my brand spanking new PC. It is of an English artist Paul Oz, who paints some real cool stuff. I used this picture to calibrate Photoshop to my way of working, it took me a while but Ive nearly got there, just a few minor tweeks here and there. Its a vast difrence to the old girl, She was already old when I got her, with a 160 GB hard drive and running Windows XP, with not much memory, (much like me !), and she struggled to cope with Photoshop, but she did me proud. Now I have a nice 8GB memory and a whapping 2TB HD, and a quad processor, fast and quiet. It took me a few days to install all the stuff I need, bits at a time. So Im a happy bunny, well I will be once I can more it all back upstairs again !