Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Hereis one of my wifes best buddies

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A few lovely ladies

The beautifulist of them all my mother, who I only have one photo of her and never knew.
Painted in watercolour.

These two ladies used to work in our local shop at one time or another

This was of my first Love who was lost and is missed

Another ex !

Some one who never knew what to do, and still doesn't!

This was the first one, and the only one she lets me keep of the one who sole my heart and kept me behaving myself, and for some reason married me and stayed with me for the passed 16 years.

This was painted in watercolour, a time before a computer came into my life , a time ofworking all night with a dog at my side and a cat on my knee, and large amouts of coffee!

The Big Brother lot

The Real Star of the Big Brother series, a real beautiful woman the pesenter of all the shows and a few spin offs..Davina Maccall
This one was Known for yelling 'Chicken Stew' and ' No naked Jacooziees' she later went on to show on some sex show on Sky
She was just a mad hatter who thought she was pregnant even though she hadn't had sex !

she was the mother goose of this show

Another mother hen with a common touch!

She was a Bunny Boiler of this show

Friday, 2 October 2009

Milla Jovovich from the 2006 film
From our local Radio Station
Before he lost his hair and freedom!

A Few Musicians and Singers

The lead singer of the Cars
Get her into rehab and into a KFC
A Swedish Pop singer who had a hit here in the UK